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Jan 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
this program presents rehearsal scenes from august strinberg's miss julie. now, your host, mr. jose ferrer. audiences who see a finished performance are seldom aware of to what extent theater is a collaborative art. it is then fascinating to be invited backstage to observe the way actors and director work to develop a scene. these rehearsals of strinberg's miss julie took place over a five-day period in a london rehearsal hall. the aim was to find ways the text, written in 1888, could be made to live for a contemporary audience. the preproduction work includes discussion of motivation, acting technique, line readings, stage business and personal experiences of the actors themselves. i, myself, as an actor, have often found that the rehearsal period is almost the most interesting part of acting, the most creative part. it is there that you use your instruments, both external and internal. the external instruments, of course, are your voice with which you speak the words, and your body, your appearance with which you enter, sit down, get up, walk to the window, turn around and exit. t
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am EST
. >> thanks, tucker. >>> time to check in with julie wright. julie wright, how's our commute this morning? >>reporter: so far so good, wisdom. no accidents to report just yet. nice and quiet on the roads as we continue to get the morning stretch and get out of bed. today is one of those days you don't want to get out of bed. 66 fair oaks heading inbound, incident free as you continue in toward the capitol beltway. you'll also find lanes open northbound on i-95, but traffic behaving nicely northbound out of staffford. no issues 610 headed out towards quantico. a nice easy trip south of 118 headed out towards rockville. here we are at the american legion bridge. outer loop looks great coming out of montgomery county. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. >>> late last night house lawmakers approved a fiscal cliff deal. it will avoid tax hikes for middle class americans and delays across the board spending cuts. >> the bill is now on its way to president obama who is expected to sign the bill into law. fox 5's melanie alwick is live on capitol hill this morning
Jan 24, 2013 7:00am EST
an eye on conditions outside all morning long. melanie and julie are watching the roads but we will begin with tucker barnes with how long the snow will last and if we'll get much more. when can we see more? >> got a lot going on. here's the first answer to your first question, things are winding down. might stick around for another hour or two. gradually sunshine this afternoon. let's get to the radar. widespread reports of anywhere between a dusting to an inch locally. and then we've had a band set up to our south between fredericksburg and st. marys city where we're getting reports of more than that down there. they've won the jackpot across southern maryland and parts of south central virginia. otherwise, still left over snow showers all associated with our clipper system that will push to the south and east over the next several hours. gradually more and more sunshine building today. current temperature reagan national. it is cold out there. right now at reagan national, the temperature is 20 degrees. 18 dulles. bwi 16. the winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. the weathe
Jan 23, 2013 11:35pm PST
that i challenged julie bowen from "modern family" to a foot race. she's a runner and she got a little bit mouthy about that. i challenged her to run around the block, and here's how that went. >> god! oh, stairs are bad. jimmy! wait! wait! wait! >> jimmy: that's how you work off a hot pocket. never look back. [ applause ] i think most of my co-workers thought i would lose that race. in fact, all but about three of my co-workers thought i would lose that race. we have some job openings around here. but the winner of the race -- the winner got to take over the loser's twitter account for 24 hours, so instead of working today, i spent the whole day sending tweets from what appeared to be julie bowen. i started at noon. i think i sent about 30 or 40 tweets out. here are some of the things julie's followers think she said today. hi, i'm julie, i'm a star, so y'all best treat me that way, no scrubs. [ laughter ] why do people like justin bieber? the only thing worse than his music are his fans. that could be deadly. hey, tom cruise, do you like me on "modern family"? fingers crossed. acting
Jan 4, 2013 5:00am EST
knew and i'm not even from here. >> okay. >> has julie arrived? >> yes, she is here. >> do you know the answer to the question? >> she wasn't listening. >> julie is a busy woman. >> okay. never mind. >> it was something about the redskins. >> there you go. >> i'm surprised tucker didn't know it, you're right. wisconsin avenue and the clicker is not working this morning. tucker, did you mess with the clicker. thank you. wisconsin avenue south of the beltway between bradley and willard avenue, the lanes are open. they made some repairs and opened up the lanes yesterday for the rush hour commute. top stretch of the beltway is in great shape. no problems to report between college park and bethesda. lanes are open each way at the wilson bridge. better news along route 5. we had a portion of that blocked off south of the beltway at allentown road. all of that has been reopened. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. affic. >>> now, to a big story we are following this morning, a virginia man who is set to be released from prison yesterday remains behind bars after a federal appeals
Jan 10, 2013 2:30am PST
working on this project on july of 2008. we had two, two-unit buildings proposed on this site and we met with the east slope design review board, the design review board, we did a number of meetings with them, initially before they even filed the building permit. after we filed the building permit we made modifications to the design and filed with the planning commission and we were asking for a parking variance so we could keep the square footage of the building so it could accommodate the two, two-unit buildings. we were asked at that meeting to avoid doing a variance and reduce the size of the building. we have gone from 4 units to 2 units and now it's single families, we have lost over 1700 square feet, we have gone through a number of meetings with neighborhood and all that discussing the facade and the bulk of the building. . >> so when were those meetings that you held with the neighborhood. >> initially on july 28, i actually have a chronology, i can share that with you. july 28 of 2008, we meet again on august 11 of 2008, we filed a building permit in december of 2009, then,
Jan 2, 2013 5:30pm EST
the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse scandal. last july the organization handed down harsh sanctions, including a fine of $60 m the governor said the ncaa did not have the authority to issue the sanctions. >> the ncaa shouldn't have sanctioned penn state, i believe and the suit contends the ncaa has no authority and operated outside of their own by laws with these sanctions that they brought. this was cral matter, not a violation of ncaa rules. >> the ncaa spokesman said they don't talk about legal actions until they're filed. >>> the preliminary hearing for the suspect in the aurora, colorado movie theater shooting is set for monday. james holmes killed people in july. they will determine if there's enough evidence to get holmes to go it trial. >>> how one man ended up accidentally shooting himself. >> if you have a new year's resolution to lose weight, we'll tell you which food cost jump start your metabolism. here's a preview of what's ahead. >> coming up, the latest on your taxes. a cautionary tale about the family grim and a 101-year-old woman inspiring you to exercise. irene, d
Jan 30, 2013 5:30pm PST
. this is rare. violent weather for january. weather channel meteorologist julie martin is in hard-hit adaresville, georgia. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this 18-wheeler, one of dozens flipped in this fast-moving storm that's left destruction across several states and killed two, ending the nation's longest break in tornado fatalities since records began back in 1950. the picture says it all. a massive funnel cloud tearing through downtown adairsville, georgia. >> right across the line. >> reporter: destroying dozens of homes and businesses, killing at least one person. as the fast-moving storm swept across georgia, authorities were forced to shut down nearly ten miles of interstate 75, after vehicles were tossed and overturned by strong winds. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim at this manufacturing plant. >> seeing it come down. and it got to the last point, and you had to run. >> reporter: thankfully, everyone made it out alive. the baker family rode out the storm in their backyard shelter. >> we shut the door, you know, to keep us all safe. and
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
architect julie morgan and asked her to build him a bungalow. a single bungalow. he obviously changed his mind. oakland born, educated at cal berkeley and paris. julie morgan was a gifted architect and pioneer among women in her field. but perhaps her greatest skill was the fact that she could deal with hurst. mrs.morgan got a preview to the hurst when he commissioned her to build the home of the examiner. the heavy medieval ornateness of the lobby. this is the way hurst liked his buildings. the building turned out to be a dress rehearsal for mrs. morgan. a place he could call home. julie morgan said that if hurst had concentrated on being an architect he could have been a great one but he was in fact, a medler to an intent that defies belief. for example, one day he was driving up the hill to his castle. he didn't like the way one of the guest cottages looked in relation to the main house. he had the cottage torn down and moved. the grand towers we see today are not the first. he deemed the originals too spare and had them torn down and rebuilt he wanted a better view of the mountain so
Jan 14, 2013 1:00pm PST
the community. julie christinsen, a shout out to you. [ applause ] the. so throughout this ceremony, we're going to celebrate and pay tribute to all of the wonderful folks that are making it happen. so without further ado, person that not only has prior director of public works, city administrator and now wonderful mayor for our city; who has been terrifically supportive of our city, mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> how is everybody doing? [ applause ] [ applause ] well let me begin by saying luis, congratulations but you know, when you are as successful as you are have been with the library commission it's like winning the first world series. we're not just satisfied with one project, even though there are 24 of these that have been completed with this one, and the proper use of our library bonds program from beginning from the year 2000 with the great partnership of dpw and so forth. there are more great partnerships to be guilt because guess what we're doing with the bonds that publicly improves, we're honoring these kids' future. this is a place where there is going to be invent, sh
Jan 14, 2013 1:30pm PST
's a perfect tribute, a capstone, julie christiansen. >> thank you >> can i get my team up here? i have been fielding all the thanks, but it doesn't really belong to me. it belongs to all of these people. who else is here from our group? come on up. who am i missing? >> the whole village, come on up. >> so we have a couple of city folks. where is greg scott? gret get up here. greg, get up here. i want to point out jill, karen. jill is the deputy chief librarian and karen, these two women are the fairy godmothers of this project. we would not be here without all the people that you heard from, but we would not be here without them. give thermometer a big round of applause. [ applause ] >> we have also got on city staff our aquatic director greg scott. [ applause ] >> and let's see, who else did we get up here? huh? mindy. mindy is on my list. i am the last speaker. they are going to try to limit me to the public hearing three minutes and i'm going to try to stick to that, probably not. [ [ laughter ] after i'm finished we're going to turn some dirt. we have a food truck because we depos
Jan 21, 2013 4:25am EST
at the woodrow wilson bridge as traffic seems to be moving along pretty well. we'll check in with julie wright for more in just a second. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm melanie alnwick. thank you for joining us whether one of our regulars or checking in from out of town. >> glad to have you glad to have tucker as well. >> lots of layers particularly early this morning. temperatures are falling back into the low to mid-30s. we are 35 in town. it will feel cold today. we have sunshine early but we'll cloud up and then eventually things are going to get windy later this afternoon as we have this arctic front that we've been talking about coming in. >> i have my layers ready to go. i know what it is going to feel like. >> not as cold as it was four years ago. >> it will be on the brisk side. >> just north of chicago, there is this arctic front that will be working its way towards us a little later this afternoon. that will set us up for a very cold week. today will be the warmest of this entire week for us with temperatures expected to be in the low to mid-40s. we might make it to 45 degrees for a few
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 10:00am PST
. angela mcglowan, analyst, and julie, a former political advisor to senator lautenberg of new jersey join me now. >> great to see you. >> jamie: julie, i want to ask you, the president has been pretty upfront, and you're a democrat, talking about gun control and immigration, and the debt ceiling, which he may and is getting support from other democrats to act on unilaterally. but not a lot of mention in these couple of weeks we've just been through about jobs and folks are, i'm sure you would agree, worried about their futures. what is his jobs plan specifically? >> well, absolutely. look, there's a couple of issues here, number one, he did have a very aggressive jobs plan that the republican senate and house actually killed last year, they wouldn't take it up, wouldn't, filibustered it. and so you can only do something with a partner with which to do it. and the larger problem, a partisan issue, the problem of moving crisis to crisis. first the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, the sequester coming up and no long-term planning on issues that really affect the american public. >> jamie: jul
Jan 2, 2013 2:30am PST
vivo estos impresionantes resultados. ella es julie. ha modelado en europa y en estados unidos, ¿por cuanto tiempo, julie? >> mas de 30 aÑos. >> 30 aÑos, wow! primero julie demostrara como dermawand proporciona una estimulacion instantanea para el parpado... y luego trabajara en solo un lado de su rostro. observemos, y tu, julie, continua haciendolo. [♪...] ah, ya estoy empezando a ver resultados. ¿cuanto tiempo has usado dermawand? >> por mas de ocho aÑos y mi piel esta mejor ahora a los 53 que antes s cuando tenia 33 aÑo. >> increible, miren eso-- miren esa ceja! realmente se ve levantada. y vean alrededor del ojo. tiene volumen y este esta totalmente abierto. vean la diferencia! y miren todas las demas areas que quiero que noten. parece como si no tuviera patas de gallo, y creanme, si quieren reducir la aparicion de las patas de gallo tienen que usar el dermawand, las ayudara con eso. miren la linea de la barbilla de julie y miren el area de los pomulos... la comisura de la boca! su piel se ve totalmente tersa y... julie fue fumadora por 20 aÑos y dermawand ha minimizado
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am EST
:00 today, will be with us for the evening commute. and julie will have more on what might be happening on the roadways later. i'll have details on a warmup in a minute. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> on the roads this morning you're going to find light traffic volume. really not that busy at this time. southbound 270 coming in out of germantown, lanes are open. no problems continuing southbound leaving 118 headed to 370. traffic rolling at speed along the top stretch of the beltway. westbound around 495, lanes are open. university boulevard to colesville road, slight slowdown. 395 across the 14th street bridge, all lanes open. no issues reported continuing to the southeast southwest freeway. lighter than usual volume now continuing across the douglas bridge. inbound on 50 seeing a brief tapping of the brakes on 202 headed to cheverly. that's a check of traffic. >> you are so cute today. i love that sweater. just saying. >>> crews are preparing for possible slick conditions this afternoon. lauren demarco is live in springfield, virginia with more. good morning. >> reporter: good
Jan 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
national recreation area. we met up with our guest hiker julie from indianapolis for her first visit to the city by the bay and her first look at this amazing park just minutes from downtown san fransisco. the presidio is also home to this hallowed ground; the first us national cemetary on the west coast. many soilders and sailors who gave their lives overseas in pacific battles rest here, overlooking san fransisco bay. after a solomn stroll we decided to head west along the bay area ridged trail and walked toward the sea cliffs of the presidio. what we're finding is kind of different, unique about this park is you're not in a place where it's completely surrounded by nature. there's trees and everything around but there's a lot of criss crossing trails that pass by the roads and this actually does connect to the coast lines so we're going to head over towards some historic battery sites; because we've been walking around trees and kind of looking for nature but there's also a lot of history and stuff to enjoy around here. so we're going to find some of that. as the trail emerges fro
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am EST
. >> just a few snow showers. >> not enough to be a concern. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. how it is looking out there? >> so far, so good. i know a lot of people are starting to take metro. it opened at 4:00 a.m. this morning headed into downtown. if you are traveling, which i strongly suggest you do not do traveling in towards the festivities, 66 coming across the tr bridge, the bridge remains open but you can't get any further than 23rd street. so others you come off the bridge, there is nowhere to go. -- so, as soon as you come off the bridge, there is nowhere to go. keep in mind the memorial bridge will be closed offer to pedestrian traffic only. pedestrian traffic only coming across the memorial bridge. 66 remains open but where are you going to go from there? the freeway is open in each direction but the third street tunnel and the ninth street tunnel and 12th street tunnel have been closed off. i see a lot of people headed over towards metro to use that as their means of transportation headed into downtown. keep in mind, the serv
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am EST
means traffic is going to need to find a way to get around this. >> now, we'll check in with julie wright and she is going to give us some information as far as that is concerned. good morning to you. >> right now, we do have at least the right side of the roadway squeezing by on the inner and outer loop of the beltway so inner loop of the beltway, you got damage to the jersey wall. car coming on the other direction was also involve in this incident. this will tie up our commute as you travel between landover and greenbelt this morning. better bet as of right now, i would suggest taking 295, cut through town, use kenilworth avenue and 295 as the workaround to get you from the north to south. you do not want to commit to this stretch. beltway and accident activity affecting both the north and southbound side of 495-59 as you travel on the east side of town. so again, coming out of laurel, headed down to the beltway, if you need to get down towards the wilson bridge, cut through town. i would suggest using 295 as the workaround. we'll continue now with our cameras. we'll show you wha
Jan 31, 2013 5:00am EST
that. >>> time now to check in with julie wright. >> winds restricts already posted for those traveling on the bay bridge and key bridge. getting back to the flooding, we've got a lot of t as a result of the storms that came through last night, we have problems along porter street, closed between connecticut avenue and beach drive. trees and wires down along this stretch. there is a petworth of beach drive shut down between 410 and the d.c. line due to flooding. westbound clopper road at first field west of 270, only the left lane is able to get through because of standing water. -- there is a portion of beach drive shut down between 410 and the d.c. line due to flooding. try not to drive through standing water. don't drown, turn around. lanes are open traveling through annandale and merrifield. a quiet start leaving the occoquan for the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. >>> new to a developing story out of alabama where a hostage situation enters its third day. 70-year-old jimmy lee dikes has been holding a six-year-old boy hostage since t
Jan 2, 2013 4:25am EST
couple days. >> good. we like seeing the sun. thanks, tucker. >>> time now to welcome back julie wright and on time traffic. >> hello, lady. rest room it's kind of difficult getting up at 2:15 when you're used to getting home at 2:15. >> welcome to 2013. >>reporter: i'm off kilter here. all right, guys. if you're traveling south along 270, we're off to a quiet start. i know we gotta get back into the swing of it. kids going back-to-school and you got a get back to work. germantown heading toward the american legion bridge, traffic flowing on the outer loop and inner loop of the beltway. traffic flowing freeley leaving fair oaks continuing in toward the capitol beltway. northbound 95 nice and easy right now both the express lanes up toward the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right, julie, thank you. >>> and now to a news alert this morning. late last night the house approved a bill to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff and the measure is now on its way to president obama for him to sign. >> if the president and congress fail to act, the billions of tax hike
Jan 10, 2013 4:25am EST
? >> even when i get the forecast right, you call me out. as long as julie doesn't, we're fine. >> you shouldn't have said that. >> she can't hear me yet. >> okay. >> this is my one chance to say what i want. 44 at bwi marshall. these are our high temperatures of the day. these are expected to fall back just a little bit here over the next couple of hours as we have cooler air and clearing skies across the region. things will get better as we get into the day today. just like yesterday, we are forecasting plenty of sunshine today. not expecting any storminess. i think the joe namath guarantee is a little bit better today that we'll get more sunshine than yesterday. we are looking at a very warm weekend. sunday looks like we could get close to 70 degrees. >> oh, my gosh. >> today, plenty of sunshine, a bit of a breeze with high temperatures around 50 degrees. >> all right. >> the one day i didn't check can the fox 5 weather app. >> yesterday? >> got to check it every day. >> we got to check in with julie every day too. good morning, julie. >> she heard everything you said, tucker. >> se
Jan 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
to the weather channel's julie martin to find out what's ahead. julie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the deep freeze is almost over but before that warm up we're looking at ice in many big cities from the midwest to the northeast. taking a look here at sunday still feeling the chill from coast to coast with the coldest air in the midwest and the northeast. the highs in chicago and new york just 19 degrees. but by sunday afternoon, that's when the wintry mix will be moving in to northern iowa, to ohio, posing a real threat for travel in those highly populated areas like chicago, detroit, and cleveland. all of that pushing east and by the monday morning commute a real mess in the mid-atlantic, d.c., baltimore, philly all needing to watch out for ice. new york, it'll be a mix of snow and rain for you. snow in boston as well. then by tuesday, the warm air invades all of the cold places but with that will come a chance for severe weather in the south. but no time to get too used to the warmth. by late week we are forecasting another arctic blast. lester? >> all right. julie, than
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm PST
care bills. tonight julie watts introduces us to a woman who says she knows about this problem first hand. >> reporter: delicious deep- dish pizza, something that patrons have come to expect. and since 2009, a couple of dollars from each bill was supposed to go towards employee health expenses, according to city law. >> and we would just say it was for health care. >> reporter: but brandy says that's not what happened. the former server blew the whistle on the restaurant group after she was let go in 2011. she says she asked managers repeatedly about the health care. >> i was pretty persistent, but it wasn't the only issue. so i had this perception that i was, you know, a little bit of an annoyance. >> reporter: last week, the city attorney slapped the restaurant with a 200,000 fine. in response, the company issued this statement, saying they took action the moment they noticed that they made a reporting error. >> in early 2009, we were in compliance. in mid 2009, we dropped the ball on reporting our health savings accounts to our employees. we s
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
year, reporter julie watts gives us three easy things to do to make sure you reach your goal. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, medications americans take y year. but now a new study f them.. ter >>> welcome back. generic drugs are used for more than half of the medications americans take every year but now a new study finds many people are not actually taking them. teresa garcia explains why in today's healthwatch. >> reporter: 73-year-old mort allen takes medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes managing all those prescriptions confusing at times. >> this one drug, it's either blue or white, changes colors. and so you don't really know. >> reporter: many of the pills are generic, which can vary in color and shape from brand names. now a new study from brigham and women's hospital shows when pills look different patients are 50% more likely to stop taking them. >> so if you are used to taking these guys and if we give you this you're going to be confused and say what is is this white pill? mine is oblong. >> reporter: generic medications account for over 70% of prescri
Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
>>> good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. in just the last 15 minutes we learned that a woman who set up her husband in a complicated burglary plot is being let out of jail. the deadline to file criminal charges against the woman and her three accused accomplices has just passed. jade. >> reporter: julie, we've now also learned two of the three men held here at the martinez jail will be freed to walk through those doors any time. the time to file charges has expired. as for the wife, she is being released this evening. we spoke to contra costa county barry gross this afternoon. he told us this is an ongoing investigation and says there's still more details he needs to file any charges against the four suspects arrested. saying he still hasn't learned just exactly what happened last tuesday the night of the deadly stabbing. this case sparked interest after police say it turned out the husband who fought back a home invasion robbery attack and stabbed to death the intruder lindsay had been set up. they say she convinced the new boyfriend and three
Jan 1, 2013 9:30pm PST
report is an update from julie labonty, wsip. >> good afternoon, the focus of wsip has been on the large change of the calaban project and the status of the program. i will give a brief update. on the calaban project, i am pleased to report that the director will sign the seqa for the site and the first permit approval received today. the contract observation hill is proceeding well, they are averaging 15,000 cubic yards a day, that is better than expected. the contractor did a good job of protecting the site and responding to the major storms that struck the bay area a couple of weeks ago. noah does remain a big challenge for us on that project. so far we have been able to control that issue. it's not impacted construction. but we definitely need to keep that issue as one of our top priority in the field. it's actually the third highest risk on this project. talking about risks in our december update, we will elevate our number 1 and number 2 risks on the project to the trend level. which means that the likelihood of those risks to materialize is becoming greater. which means we must s
Jan 3, 2013 5:30am PST
-n-curry but stated that it was the main one downtown. let's see. and i have a noise complaint, this is july the 21st, at 3:21 in the morning, news, and the cad reads, san francisco hilton, rp, loud music coming from 1020, means the location, from naan-n-curry. and this one is from july 27, 2012. this is at 2:44 in the morning. and we have let's see, this is just a person calling about this place here. we have another trespasser. this is july the 27th. and this is at 2:30 in the morning from naan-n-curry. and then we have another trespasser, and this is 3:00 in the morning. and let's see, it says, inside naan-n-curry a male being aggressive with other customers. and this one is september 2, at 2:30 in the morning, the cad reads, 30 people inside, fight, trespasser, and it reads a female caller. and these are mostly males fighting inside the restaurant. and like i said, this is at 2:30 in the morning. another cad called. this is 4:21 in the morning and this is september the second. and the cad reads, wireless call from verizon, naan-n-curry but it sounds like there is a problem inside. and then gave a
Jan 3, 2013 6:00am PST
joyce hicks and i believe the chief of police is in route. we have a quorum. >> thank you. i am julie and the commission of status of woman. i would like to introduce andrea and we r we expect rebecca soon and next to that is alisa and kay. we have a quorum. >> well thank you very much commissioner and thank you very much inspector monroe. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wednesday december 5, 2012 meeting and it's a joint meeting with the status of women. this is a mo mentus meeting and this is the third time we did a joint meeting and this one is a very important meeting tonight and a lot of work has gone into it and i would like to thank the commissioner on the status of women and thank commissioner loftus. she has been proactive. we had several meetings. before we go on we have different types of meetings in the community we introduce the commissioners and who they are during the day jobs and if that is possible i would like to start with dr. marshall. >> dr. joe marshall. i have been on the police commission for eight years, three terms. i am the cofounding executive d
Jan 11, 2013 8:00am PST
pleasure to introduce richard hastings and that lopez. -- matt lopez. saturday, july 16, 2011, officer richard hastings and asked matt lopez were on duty and in uniform. their primary assignment was to be on a fixed post detail on the imminence of a railway platform on third street between oakdale avenue and plu avenue. this platform and the surrounding areas are notorious for high incidence of robberies, aggravated assaults, indiscriminate shootings, gang activity, illegal firearm possession, as well as a multitude of quality of life cripes. the bayview station has dedicated a high-level police resources to this area, particularly to a recent rash of robberies on and adjacent to the platform. well on the platform, officers tastings and lopez contacted the subject later identified as kenneth harding jr.. he was on the railway vehicle. the officers determined the suspect was riding without benefit obtained. the officers escorted the subject off of the vehicle without incident and requested he sit down on one of the benches nearby. mr. harding complied with that request well officer lop
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
. given on july 27th, 2012. telling her, you had to appear for a hearing 12 days later on august 8th. for failure to comply with the code sections. well, no. 1 the dph did not comply with their own code section. it is clear as a bell and it's been on the books for nine years and it routinely ignored. i checked my records, three or four years ago, they always guyed complied with this notice requirement, but now there is there trend that it's really, really short and i wonder why they are doing that. because the law is clear. before any hearing is conducted under this section, section 19-{^21} you shall provide permitee at least 20 days written notice. permitee only got 12 days. back to this document, you will see again, she was cited under section 19-21. let's keep looking at this document. failure -- down here in red ink says, "failure to appear may result in -- they have two boxes here. the second box is suspension, revocation of your permit to operate the above referenced site. the box is unchecked. you may have read in the respondent's supplemental brief. secondly, you will l
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